Passions from within the Earth
Pearl Necklace

Multi, pastel colored fresh water pearls with 18 karat clasp.

Sapphire necklace

Forest Green, faceted sapphire necklace with 18 karat box clasp.

Rough Diamond Necklace

18 karat gold custom clasp, with 89 rough diamonds and 12 crushed gold beads.

Green Turquoise Necklace

Green tube beads from the Cripple Creek Mine, Colorado, with 18 karat yellow gold textured, magnetic clasp.

Roman Glass Necklace

Roman Glass Beads and 18 karat hammered disc clasp.

Chrysoprase Necklace

Chrysoprase polished on one side and rough on opposing side. 18 karat gold beads and box clasp.

Constructed Nautilus Shell Bead Necklace

Gray constructed nautilus shell beads with 18 karat magnetic clasp.

White Nautilus Shell bead Necklace

White, constructed nautilus shell bead necklace. 18 karat and fine silver center bead and chain catch. Reversible to show all gold, or all silver with white beads.

Tumbled Sapphire Necklace

Tumbled sapphire beads with 18 karat gold center bead, catch and spacers.

Antique Amazonite Bead Necklace

Antique Amazonite beads with 18 karat gold beads, and hand-hammered catch.

South Sea Keshi and Yellow Diamond Necklace

Gray South Sea Keshi with 18 karat gold beads, and yellow diamond rondelles.

Metalic Pearl Necklace

Metallic pearls with 18 karat hand-hammered clasp.

Aquamarine Necklace

Smooth-polished, included aquamarine beads with 18 karat gold beads, and hand-hammered wave clasp with matching pierced earrings.

Emerald Necklace

Faceted emerald beads with 18 karat catch and hand-hammerd beads. Two, tube-set diamonds on catch.

Emerald Necklace (close-up)

Faceted emerald beads with 18 karat clasp, beads and two tube-set diamonds on catch ends. (close-up)

Included Green Diamond Necklace

Graduated, faceted, included green diamond necklace. 18 karat clasp with coyote tag.

Antique African Bead Necklace

A varied selection of antique African beads: glass, ceramic, shell and bone. Twelve fabricated, 18 karat gold representational beads interspersed. 18 karat hammered catch.

Silver Murano Necklace

Hammered sterling silver and sea blue, glass Murano beads, 27".

Murano Leaf Necklace

Golden Swarovski glass pearls with Murano glass leaves. Darkened, sterling silver magnetic clasp, 18".

Aquamarine Necklace

Laterally cut, raw, aquamarine crystal beads. Four, 18 karat hexagonal beads, textured and hammered. Traditional box clasp mechanism made to compliment the hexagonal shape of the crystals.

Peruvian Opal Necklace

18 karat gold "folded paper" beads with like catch. Faceted, Peruvian opal beads. Matching earrings.

Lapis Lazuli Nugget Necklace

Afghan Lapis Lazuli necklace. Eighteen karat gold tri-sided beads and clasp.

Roman Glass Necklace

18 karat gold, antique Roman glass beads.

Peruvian Opal Necklace

Tumbled and polished Peruvian Opal Bead necklace with 18 karat catch and cube spacers.

Jasper Necklace

Cherry Creek jasper with 18k gold bezels and crushed spacer beads.