About Earthdream Studio

Most, find my story compelling - from desk and numbers, to studio creativity and expression. My enthusiasm and ability to share my passion, ideas and direction is captivating. I have found it is not "telling" a story, but "sharing" a story which captures the attention of an audience of one, or many. It is this which creates connection with others, along with believability, and trust.

After twenty plus years in a career of numbers, I resigned, built a studio and followed a deep passion which had started with one class at age 16, jewelry design and metalsmithing. That career change was nearly twenty years ago, and my studio work has exploded to include combined wall pieces of my jewelry, inspired by my digitally captured images. In addition, I have had a collection of my close-up rock species photos printed on heavy silk, and marketed as women's scarves.

Along the way I moved to the Southwestern US. My metalwork is still my primary business, but my photography is becoming a significant factor in my creative outlet. My work is not sold in galleries, online, at art fairs, or fine art shows. It is all word of mouth, or when seen by friends/clients in my Facebook posts. I feel the success of strong creative work is pulled from the artist, not marketed or pushed upon an audience and this has reliably worked for me, and kept me amply busy for nearly two decades.

I have been awarded with a three week Artist Residency at Grand Canyon North Rim; a large format photo juried into the Huntington Library and Gardens, San Mateo, CA, ART MATTERS exhibition; and numerous local arts organization juried or invitational exhibitions. This is all organic recognition and growth since my first application in a show was in 2014, given this entire arena was so foreign to me 19+ years ago.

The Grand Canyon residency led me to a deeper use and understanding of my camera, lenses and resulting photography. I was unable to take (heavy and large) tools and equipment for my metalsmithing, so my time was spent with sketch pad and camera.

After three weeks my camera use became much more expressive, and not just documentary activity, and became a serious future avenue to explore. The residency was an opportunity which led to artistic development I didn't expect - the perfect example of a successful retreat from routine studio life.

My photography has been pure organic growth. I never set out to become a photographer. The beauty of the West and Southwest in particular is so compelling. My camera has led me along an incredible new path of visual expression which I didn't know I needed, or wanted. My full portfolio of images has been reviewed professionally twice in the past three years. I have been powerfully encouraged with the responses from photo editors, fine art printers and professional photographers.

It is with this brief background that I invite you to look through my portfolio of work, enjoying the materials, designs, vistas, sky events, or a simple ornament. Thank you for your interest and please use the Contact link  in the upper right if you have any comments or questions.


PLEASE NOTE: The documentary images of my jewelry, with few, obvious exceptions were captured by Tom Alexander, of Tom Alexander Photography, in Flagstaff, AZ.