Passions from within the Earth

Welcome to Earthdream Studio

I open with a heartfelt "Hello, and welcome!" This site is intended to facilitate a conversation regarding our mutual passions from within the earth and under the sea. Materials such as gold or diamonds are well known to flood man's mind with dreams. But, lesser known gems, lake stones and ancient found objects can fire ones imagination just as well. Earthdream Studio captures the natural, raw, under explored, oft-forgotten materials and explores their potential as adornment.

As a sub-focus, clasps and catches should be elegant, and easily workable for the wearer behind their head, without the assistance of their partner, or glasses. Some necklace and clasp designs can be worn in front, or back, giving a formal and informal look to the same piece. These ease-of-use, and dual-use elements within these designs have been a top talking point, or focus for most every client. Please don't allow this to go un-noticed while perusing these three galleries: Necklaces, Commissions, and Clasps.

This site includes images of past pieces and commissions, along with "New Materials" which have caught my imagination and await someone who is also intrigued, mesmerized or moved by them. Matching a client with materials and a comfortable design is of primary importance. My business model does not support a plethora of available pieces. Most work is created for a specific client or individual in mind as reward to themselves, or a gift from a loved one. As a result, there is no work currently for sale as "available" inventory.

If you have questions, ideas or wish more information, please choose the "contact" button at the top right, and send me an e-mail. I will reply quickly and enthusiastically.

Your time and interest are important to me -- so thank you in advance, and please start a dialogue.